Shanxi 30,000TPY Cement Grinding Plant

Project Description:

Customer Address: Shanxi, China

Ingredients: sulphoaluminate cement clinker, portland cement, metakaolin, lime, gypsum, etc.

Feeding Size: < 1mm

Water Content : < 5%

Product Use: grouting and filling materials

Equipment: SCM1250 ultrafine grinding as the main equipment, screw conveyor, powder packaging machine, pneumatic conveyor, etc. as auxiliary equipment.

Capacity: 30,000 tons/year

Case Summary:

Shanxi Jincheng Coal Group is a large state-owned enterprise.This time they buy a complete set of equipment of anchor agent automatic production plant from us. It is their recognition of our brand influence as well as confidence in our equipment, and the cooperation promoted mutual benefit and win-win result both sides.

Production Process:

We use PLC centralized control and touch screen visualization, so that the system has a high degree of automation and reasonable configuration of the program.

  1. 1. Stage Ⅰ

    Raw material feeding system: the raw material--cement, lime and gypsum of the anchoring agent production plant are stored in each raw material warehouse, and then sent into the weighing system by the feeding equipment.

  2. 2. Stage Ⅱ

    Weighing system: different raw materials are weighed according to the Set ratio- set value

  3. 3. Stage Ⅲ

    Mixing system: after the ingredients are finished, the material is mixed in a non gravity mixer.

  4. 4. Stage Ⅳ

    The grinding system: the stirring ingredients are fed into the superfine powder mill by a screw feeder to grind and classify. The stage is a key process that uses SCM1250 ultrafine mill as the main equipment to grind the mixture to the required size of 1250 mesh.

  5. 5. Stage Ⅴ

    Conveying, storage and packing system: the finished product is collected by the meridian dust collector and delivered to the finished material tank by pneumatic conveying system. Finally, the packing system is used to pack and seal the bags for transportation.

Technical Advantage of The Core Equipment:

The main equipment of the production plant is SCM1250 ultrafine mill. Based on years of experience in mill production, we absorbed the advantages of mills at home and abroad, and developed a new type of superfine powder processing equipment with high efficiency and low cost through many investigations and experiments.

  1. 1. High Efficiency

    Newly designed grinding roller, grinding ring and grinding curve can promote the grinding efficiency. When the fineness and power of the finished product are the same, the production capacity is 40% higher than that of the air-jet mill and stirring mill, more than twice as much as that of the ball mill. Moreover, the energy consumption of the system is only 30% of that of the air-jet mill.

  2. 2. High Fineness

    Both single-rotor powder classifier and multiple-rotor powder classifier are optional. Because the speed of each rotor of the multiple-head powder separator is adjustable, the finished products can collected directly, without further winnowing, and there is no inferior material. Among the final products, powders smaller than 2μm can reach 70%, and have a low residue of 325 meshes. It is also suitable to sort out more refined products for the second time.

  3. 3. High Environmental Protection

    Pulse dust collector, muffler and soundproof room can be used for dust removal and noise reduction, and fully meet the requirements of the national standard.

  4. 4. Low Cost

    The grinding roll and the grinding ring are forged by special materials, so that the utilization degree is greatly improved. With the same fineness of materials and finished products, the wearing parts of the crusher and the turbine crusher are 2-3 times longer than those of the impact crusher and the Turbine Crusher, and the service life can be up to 2-5 years for processing the calcium carbonate and the calcite.

Client Feedback:

After the site visits and test, the engineers from GBM offered us a quite perfect design that using SCM1250 as the main equipment, mixers, pneumatic conveyors, hoists and feeders as auxiliary equipment. Now the equipment is running well, and the high capacity, quality and stability are exactly what we need. GBM products do deserve the reputations they enjoy.